Through his work in the remote communities, Owner Amilcar Vielman recognized a problem...the women cooking over open fires were suffering from health problems, and the open fires were dangerous for the children. He visited many houses and saw families eating around the open fire to stay warm, continually inhaling dangerous smoke.

His passion to help people prevailed. He wanted to build a stove for a reasonable cost so the donor realized good value and the stove had to be developed with user input.

In the Spring of 2008, Amilcar designed and built the first Chapina Stove. In September, the first stove was installed in a home. Since then, various improvements have been made and over 1,000 Chapina Stoves are installed in homes throughout the highlands of Guatemala.
                 Chapina Stoves are built in Jocotenango, Guatemala, just 5 minutes from Antigua.

Luisa stands next to a large Chapina Stove in the
Pacoj school kitchen cooking mosh for the 125
children who attend this primary school. Pocoj is a
remote Mayan community in San Martin, Jilotepeque.