Ana & Sonja prepare totillas and beans on their new Chapina stove


     World Health Organization estimates that more than two million premature deaths annually are caused by exposure to smoke from traditional cookstoves and open fires, with women and children the most afflicted.

     Chapina Stoves are vented, safe, and efficient thus eliminating grave health risks such as upper respiratory ailments, burns, eye irritations, & chronic cough. The enclosed firebox reduces burns, especially for children. Because of the efficient fire chamber, Chapina Stoves use 69% less wood than open fires. The chimney removes 99.9% of the smoke from the room.

     A Mayan woman cooks 100-150 tortillas a day for her family of 6-8 people. The Chapina stove easily accommodates both tortillas and large pots at the same time thus saving time and wood. Less wood consumption means less impact on the environment.

     It is easy to assemble and is portable. Because the concrete is cured before delivery, the women quickly learn how to use the Chapina Stove and within minutes can be cooking tortillas and boiling beans.

     We know charity doesn't work. So the families have ownership of their new stove, they contribute about $25 toward the purchase of the stove and 13 concrete blocks (a cost of about $5). However, no family is excluded because they cannot pay so arrangements are made to help them.
   $135 buys a Chapina Stove adequate for a family of 8 people